The project “Immigration and Integration”  has started in October 2017 and it is lasting till 2020. It is a project that uses art tools/workshops to help integration between immigrants and indigenous people in the industrial city of Brescia (100 km from Milan), in Italy.

Our main focus is the area of Via Milano. In the last 20 years, this district of the city has been hosting more and more immigrants, coming from many 3rd world countries looking for a decent job and better opportunities for their families. At the same time, indigenous citizens abandoned the area and nowadays, there are represented mainly by old people.

The neighborhood is experiencing several problems of delinquency and marginalization.

We are working with the Mid School “G. Romanino” of this area, in particular with the 50 kids who are attending the first year and we will work with them till the end of the school (3 years).

Their situation is a bit complex: in fact, they mainly come from immigrant families (95% of them), even though, most of them are burn in Italy.

In this moment, according to the Italian law, they are not Italian citizens…

The project is divided in 6 workshops, 2 workshops per year:

-1st year: Sound Installation and Muralism

– 2nd year: Writing a script and Theater Play

– 3rd year: Photography and Video Installation

And at the end of the three year, I, Jupiterfab will create a final mural to close and to sum up the project.

Our goals/targets are mainly three:

  • On one side we want to help our students to know more about who they are, who they live with and where they live.
  • On the other side, we want to give the chance to all the city population to get to know a bit more these kids and their lives; at the same time, we want them to open their eyes about the irreversible process Italy has been living in the last 30 years and the fact Italy is already becoming a multi-ethnical society.
  • Last but not least, we want to create a dialogue about the absurd situation of kids living in Italy from immigrant families, who are not allowed to have the Italian nationality till they will be 18.

The project is sponsored by our NGO, by the Italian Government and by the multinational Colart.

Moreover, it is supported by the Brescia City-Hall.

The project will covered and supported by the local newspaper “Giornale di Brescia”, for the entire length of the project, in the section Education.

For more information you can have a look at our web-page www.immigrazioneintegrazione.com. Unfortunately, due to the features of the project, the page is entirely in Italian.

We strongly think this project should be export in other environment in Europe. In fact, it is quite evident that many countries in the EU are experiencing a similar or worst situation.

We are sure these kinds of initiative can inspired more and can start showing people the way to live in a multi-ethnical society.

For more information please contact us at info@jupiterfab.com